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Master Stylist

Master Sytlist

Master stylists are the innovators and pacesetters in the salon. They demand top pay and often have affluent and even celebrity clientele. More than a mere hair stylist, the master stylist is an artist, educator and entrepreneur. Master stylists develop trends, set salon standards and act as a spokesperson for the business.

Senior Stylist

Senior Stylist

Senior hair stylists typically fill the middle tier of the stylist hierarchy. These stylists usually spend time, sometimes years, in entry-level junior positions, and have the sustenance to support the salons higher end clientele. When we reach the senior level, little supervision is usually required, and the cost is higher for the customer than those fees charged by junior stylists. Through out our careers we should always have, and you should ask that, continuing-education is required to keep us fresh and current with the trends of the times. .